GIAN KAMAL roll-ons and sprays are infused with sacred geometry, light codes and higher-dimensional energies. Working with essential oils is an effortless way to raise the vibratory frequency of the subtle energy bodies and to rebalance the chakras. 

All roll-ons can be applied on your wrists: Gently rub them together, allow a few seconds for the aroma of the fragrance to develop, then inhale with the corresponding intentions.

While the scents make you feel good instantly, the energy encodings can have subtle but lasting effects on your overall well-being.  MORE ABOUT ESSENCES


This first capsule collection of essence roll-ons aims to address some of the most prevalent imabalances, many people are dealing with.

Consciously work with the perceived issue and these oils to improve your sense of Grounding, Self Love, Self Empowerment, Compassion, Joyful Communication, Balance of Giving and Receiving, the Male and Female Principles.

Your interaction with these oils is an invitation to go through your day more consciously and serves as a daily reminder to go within, even if for just a few seconds. 

It is recommended to playfully use these essences according to your inner guidance, or, if working on specific issues with the corresponding chakra, once or twice daily for 30 days.