First of all it is important to understand that everything is connected.

Events and people in our lives are mirroring (hidden) aspects of ourselves, and a better insight into these aspects and understanding ourselves starts with the acknowledgment that our subconscious mind constantly creates the reality we experience... for us. The conscious mind is mainly on autopilot and only very few people work with the highest instance in the creation process, the so called super conscious mind.  

Through different techniques that can easily be learned we can become conscious of our old behavior patterns that are obsolete and potentially block us from moving into self empowerment, joy and any other higher states of being. It is essential to become aware of the subconscious beliefs and convictions that have been either inherited from our parents and grand parents, or seeded into us by our environment , our upbringing and the culture we live in. Once we find such a belief we can release it, and activate another set of "positive" beliefs that can recreate our experience of reality. A very common saying for example is "life is hard", "love doesn't come easy" etc. 

How does energy work fit into this? By treating the different ethereal bodies as well as the physical, emotions, behavior patterns, blockages, and reality constructs can be made conscious and lower vibrating thought forms, fear and doubt can start to clear off.  This creates the basis so that we can re-attune to and activate higher vibrating aspects of ourselves.

There's different parts to this process over the course of a few sessions: There are  energy work sessions to create a clean slate, and conversations, during which we identify the strengths and the subconscious weaknesses of the client to actively help the transformation.

Every session is different, and every one's  reaction to energy work is different, however, what ever needs to happen during a session will happen. Pricing is flexible, please feel free to contact me to arrange. 



Long term benefits of initiations and intensive energy work are increased wellbeing, improved immune system, more clarity, protective light shield, better access to own guidance, higher self.

So called "ascension symptoms": ringing in ears, cold, short lived fever, headaches, back pain, etc

Opening up to synchronicities, 11:11, numbers, words, animal encounters, clearer connection to spirit,

Heart opening, third eye opening, dormant DNA activation, past life remembrance, lucid dreaming 


Short term effects of intense energy work or initiations:

Energetic recalibration may result in short lived fever, emotional release, aches and pains, intense dreams, sleepiness, exhaustion or hyperactivity.