Essences are living energies of specialty herbs and essential oils, charged with the healing power of crystalline structures, symbols and invisible light frequencies.


When to use:

Essences support us to handle shifts easier. They help us to develop self-awareness and to take responsibility for life’s lessons and challenges. Each essence holds a specific program. Essences work by resonance. If we apply an essence that is inappropriate and has little relationship to our real issues, then it will not resonate with our soul and will have little effect.


What Can I Expect From Essences?

Generally, you will notice something within three to six weeks. Most people will experience a shift in their mental, emotional or spiritual state after a short period of time. Vibrational essences work subtly, so please be patient. However, some individuals may experience an immediate catharsis or a total transformation. Essences work to transform your inner life. You may notice a change in your attitude, behavior or views. This increased consciousness becomes the conduit for transformations. Vibrational Essences help you to strengthen your higher self, enabling you to learn and grow from life’s challenges. They assist you on your healing journey, and can be your ally and guidance along the way. Essences cannot wipe away your problems or provide instant fixes. However, through quiet reflection, meditation, self-observation and conversation with others, it is possible to become aware of your key issues and challenges that will help you to reach a higher level of consciousness and joy.


How do essences work?

The GIAN KAMAL essences have been designed to open your energy centers for optimal functioning, while subtly reprogramming your cellular memory with high vibrational frequencies.


The language of light & colour connects to and alters the memory and substructures of the multi-dimensional layers of DNA, affecting our physiological, neurological and biochemical levels of thought helping to increase the awareness of our inner world, and balancing our energy centers.


The Sprays help heal damaged human electromagnetic energy fields caused by destructive frequencies from cell phones, computers, etc.

 -Neutralize & cleanse areas

-Erase negativity & astral intrusion  

-Cleanse crystals and other objects  

-Maintain a “clean” positive space


Research Founded by Colour Energy Inc