Corinna Springer is a New York based energy practitioner. In the course of her 14 years of experience with energy healing, she has assisted people in finding their path through self empowerment and a newfound joy of life. 

Driven by the desire to reach people other than her clients, Corinna is infusing energies into a selection of essential oils and sprays, that become powerful transformational tools for a hyper conscious lifestyle accessible to everyone.

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During the energy session, Corinna unblocked something in me that had been keeping me stuck. Shortly after the session things started moving forward in my life. I found a studio space I had been looking for and a spiritual business coach to help me further along I also ended up going back to school to get a deeper training for a career path she had encouraged me.My journey is still unfolding, but I know that Corinna was the catalyst that helped me to start making progress when I was most stuck. Thank you so much!”

“Corinna’s energy treatments have been instrumental in helping me navigate through important transitions in both my personal and professional lives. At first, I expected the sessions to sway me into a specific direction, but they helped me be more introspective resulting in decisions that I have never regretted because they came from my heart.
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